Friday, January 7, 2011

The drama of the page-scroll

I have to admit to having some trepidation in reviewing children's apps. It's clear that book-related apps for kids are a different animal from kids' books -- but how different are they? Is what makes a good app the same as what makes a good book? Can I still talk about "the drama of the page-turn" when there aren't any pages to turn? I was relieved to see that Betsy Bird shares her criteria for reviewing children's apps (plus several apps she finds up to snuff) in the latest issue of SLJ.

I'm oohing and ahhing over apps she recommends, like Winged Chariot's The Red Apple and Loud Crow's PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit. And, new-found review criteria in hand, I'm looking forward to exploring them myself.

--Katie Bircher

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