Friday, April 1, 2011

April Horn Book Magazine starred reviews

Higher! Higher!
by Charlie Sheen
At the playground, young swinger Charlie gets so high that he breaks through Earth's atmosphere and high-fives a fellow rock star from Mars.

Mommy Loves You More than Your Grades (I Promise)
by Amy "Tiger Mom" Chua
A tiger cub is herded through a jam-packed day of school, homework, violin lessons, tutoring, more violin practice—ending with the much-needed reminder that Mommy pushes her daughter so hard only because she loves her so much.

Tiger Babies
by Sophia and Lulu Chua
When Mom dictates one violin lesson too many, these mischievous twins show their claws!

Tiger Juice
by Charlie Sheen
Hijinks ensue when the irrepressible Charlie talks the gang into offering something special at this summer’s lemonade stand.

Teachers Aren’t Any More Special Than You
by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
A much needed antidote to the unchecked teacher glorification in children’s literature.

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry: An Autobiography
by Kris Kringle
How the man we now know as “Santa” turned childhood trauma into joy for children worldwide.

Quit Reading and Get Moving!
by Michelle Obama
The First Lady breaks the mold in this inspirational ode to the virtues of exercise, “so much more rewarding than some stupid book.”

i steal becuz i’m sad, a novel in verse
by Lindsay Lohan
An achingly sensitive first novel explores the pain of a naturally reclusive young woman forced against her will into the spotlight.

Our 15 States: Just the Important Ones
by Lerner Capstone
So many states, so little time—what’s a busy child to do? Our 15 States cuts to the chase, providing information only on the really, really important ones.

Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere
by Kate Middleton
How much of a princess are you? Enough to have glitter and mirrors reflecting your image on every single page of the books you read? Glitter, Glitter Everywhere is for you.

Kate Digs for Gold
by Sarah, Duchess of York
Part of the duchess’s Helping Hands Book series. Auntie knows best!

I Ate Number Five
by Pittacus Lore
More revelations about James Frey convinced the publisher to quit while it was ahead, resulting in a satisfying series closer.

YA MAFIA, a collection of short stories
compiled by E. Lockhart and John Green
The cool kids rule in this anthology of tales that leaves the losers behind. And unpublished.

Enwraptured: Book One in the Mummies of Darkwater Falls trilogy
by Elizebeth Raw
High school student Alison Klutze can't believe she finally has a boyfriend. But when Alison and hottie Derek are finally ready to do it, she's in for quite a surprise when Derek starts to take off his clothes...

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  1. After a moment of total confusion, I remembered what day today is. FUN!!

  2. Oh phew...I was about to get all upset and got me.

  3. there ain't no such thing as a YA mafia, and you should know better than to talk about such things, as they do not exist and could get you into serious trouble.

    i love the juxtaposition of charlie sheen, his tiger "juice," and the tiger mom and cubs. i thought we were year of the rabbit, but i guess the tigers just won't let go!

  4. Ha ha... I gotta go with Enwraptured as my favorite. Mummies *are* the next big trend in paranormal romance, right? Right...?

    I also love Our 15 States. Well done!

  5. I skimmed down to the YA section, like I always do -- it took me FAR too long to get wise.

    My favorite? "Our Fifteen States."

  6. "Just the important ones"... *snicker*

  7. I tried to see if our library had Our 15 States on order... then I saw the Lindsay Lohan Book and gasped. So wonderful

  8. Great stuff! 15 states! Ha, ha, ha.

  9. Just the important ones - RotFLMAO!!!!

  10. OK - That was funny!

  11. "Deliciously evil!"
    --School Librarians' Riposte

  12. Oh, all ready to freak at the Tiger Mom book when the coffee kicked in and I, too, caught on. This is FANTASTIC!!!

  13. Ah, ha, ha, ha. I think I'll still be laughing tonight! Good one!

  14. I was looking for a cute joke for today. Thanks for such a great one.

  15. I love this day and the creative fun that transpires! I have to agree that the 15 States gets the starred review from me!

  16. Hilarious. I was reading the one about the Tiger Mom's picture book and thinking, WHAT IN THE WORLD? And then I realized.

    You got me.

  17. Too clever ... and the covers!

  18. At first I thought, "what, Kate Middleton wrote a book, " then I realized.... duh.

  19. OMG, As a librarian I was really reading and then it sunk in. TOO TOO FUNNY!

  20. Ok, these are great, but I am bummed that my Handbook for Junior Gardeners did not get a star in this month's issue. Its subtitle? "Your Mother is a Hoe".

  21. Montana = one of the 15? Terribly confused . . . but still laughing. And I'm proud to say I got the joke right off when I saw Mr. Sheen's lovely ode to swinging.

  22. If it hadn't been for the comments of your readers previous to me here on your site, I'm so literal I would not have caught on to your April Fools' ploy--although I did have to wonder about Charlie Sheen's and Kate Middleton's books. I skimmed down the list too fast to really focus in on Michelle Obama's Quit Reading and Start Moving and some of the other titles.

  23. The sad thing is, all of the celebrity books on the list look oh-so-plausible.

  24. You guys don't have enough work to keep, smile.
    I laughed all the way through the list.
    As Charlie Sheen would say, "Winning!!!"

  25. Terrific stuff . . . now if only I could order some of these to share during "Cigarette Storytime"

  26. Don't forget Barry Bonds, "Getting Bigger, Getting Better"

  27. Excellent! I'd read some of those. In fact, I may have read some of those.

  28. Loved it! Got it right away with the Charlie Sheen title but must admit, I had to look up the Chuas and Kate Middleton. I'm in my own jh library world, I guess.

  29. Travis Joker more like. Good stuff, hee hee!

  30. I'm so glad to know that Montana is one of the important states. I can sleep happily tonight.

  31. I had to do a double take at the Tiger Babies cover... it suspiciously looks like Grace Lin's, "Wing and Ting".... thanks for the laugh!