Friday, December 24, 2010

The outside of the box

A shipment of The Creative Company's review copies recently arrived -- creatively packaged in a box emblazoned with text from their fiction and biography frontlist titles. Any guesses as to which seasonally appropriate novel this is?

"As you go into the sitting-room in the Stahlbaums’ house, on your left-hand side you will see a tall glass cabinet set against the wall. All the children’s toys are put away there for safekeeping. Louise, the elder sister, was still quite little when her father had this cabinet built. A very skillful craftsman used fine panes of glass which he fit together so artfully that everything the children put inside looked more shining and lovely than they ever did in the children’s hands.

The elaborate works of art that Drosselmeier made were stowed on the upper shelves, which Frtiz and Marie could not reach. Immediately underneath, there was a shelf for the picture books. Fritz and Marie were allowed to do what they liked with the two bottom shelves. Marie claimed the lowest one of all for her dolls’ residence..."


  1. Why, The Nutcracker, of course!

  2. If no one else is going to guess, I will. It's The Nutcracker! I have always meant to look up why some versions are about "Marie" while others are about "Clara." As far as the ballet goes, I've always been partial to the "Clara" version.