Friday, November 19, 2010

And you thought I was kidding about the Silly Bandz.

As promised, some book-related ephemera!

The eponymous boxes. Behind them you can see (left to right) a Halloween card sent by Penguin ("Happy Halloween from Dick and Jane and Vampires"), a leaf art thank-you note from Lois Ehlert, a Bink and Gollie watch, and pink pouches of fairy dust. What you sadly can't see, obscured by the mountain of packages, are a Very Hungry Caterpillar wall calendar and a print from Carin Berger's Forever Friends.

From left to right:
-- a "scrapbook" and (underneath) tote bag promoting Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Botswana
-- a BLAD of Matthew Reinhart's and Robert Sabuda's forthcoming Encyclopedia Mythologica: Dragons and Monsters-- the Dick and Jane and Vampires Halloween card again (I just really like it)
-- The Boxcar Children, The Buddy Files, and Zapato Power-themed "collectible shaped rubber bands"
-- Frankly Frannie pencils
-- Sandra Boynton's Amazing Cows doorknob hanger and info packet, including a free download of her 17-minute version of "Bolero" for orchestra and kazoo, AND
-- a DVD of interviews with Maya Soetoro-Ng and Yuyi Morales about their picture book Ladder to the Moon.
Whew! If you packed everything into the handy Gannon and Wyatt tote bag, you'd have a well-rounded (if somewhat haphazard) bookish goody bag.

I'm pretty sure Reinhart's and Sabuda's pop-up dragon can kick our dragon's butt.

A thoughtful note from former intern Meaghan, enclosed with her box of review copies from IPG.

Don't you wish you got Boxcar Children Silly Bandz in your mail?

-- Katie Bircher


  1. Any chance you could post a better picture of the Bink and Gollie watch? Ever since Betsy Bird mentioned getting one, I've been dying to see what it looks like!

  2. Hmmm, I expected Boxcar Children silly bands in shapes like a baked potato, a cherry, and a pink cup with a crack in it. But then, I only read the first one.

    (Jellyfish, maybe? Is that what it is? And a winged shoe?)

  3. my students would kill for Zapato Power silly bandz....after reading aloud the first in the series, my students were running around yelling "zoom, zoom zapato" during recess for a month!

  4. Thanks for mentioning the silly bands Katie! Glad you enjoyed them.

    Laurie -- Yes, it's a winged shoe from Zapato Power and the dog is from the Buddy Files -- a cracked pink cup would have been great.

    Eric -- send me a message...hint...hint...

  5. Melissa, here's a link to a (small) image of the watch:

    The band is red with orange polkadots, and the face says "Bink & Gollie." The girls are rollerskating and Bink is holding a fishbowl on her head.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Yes, I want Boxcar Children silly bands in my mail. Pop-up Dragons, too. Can I get on the same list as you?

  7. I would pay serious bucks for a Bink & Gollie watch. I am SO jealous....